Terms & Conditions

Please carefully examine the below terms and conditions before accepting the agreement. You must accept these terms and conditions in order to publish the ad content that is provided by Admedia Space Network on your website.


Content provider is “Admedia Space Network”.
Content publisher is “Publisher”.
Agreement parties are “Admedia Space Network” and “Publisher”
Publisher must accept these terms and conditions in order to work with Admedia Space Network.


Admedia Space Network uses only e-mail in order to come to an agreement with publisher.

Admedia Space Network guarantees monthly ad content for publishers, thus, Publisher guarantees ad broadcasting during monthly agreements.

Admedia Space Network transfers mutually agreed tax-free price of one-month ad broadcasting to the publisher’s bank account.


Admedia Space Network reserves the right of designating and changing the ad content.


Price is designated by the mutual agreement of Admedia Space Network and Publisher via e-mail. Designated price is considered one-month price.

In order to proceed with payment, publisher must broadcast the ad-content for a month.

The payment for the agreed month is being transferred to the publisher’s bank account within the agreed ad-broadcasting month.