Terms & Conditions

www.admediaspace.com : This website belongs to Admediaspace, which includes the sales service of advertising products. Please read the following conditions. Publishers working with us are considered to have accepted the terms below, and these terms are contractual in nature with our publishers.

1. General Terms of Use :

From the moment you start using the Site, you will have gained the right to access and use commercial communications, electronic messages, certain services, interfaces, and functions through this website or any other related sites, if any.

  • • i. Entering this site and using the site means that you have read and accepted the usage policy and conditions. No "declaration of acceptance" in any form is required for this.
  • • ii. Where optional services are offered by Admediaspace; by choosing to become a member or providing an explicit declaration of acceptance when required, you are deemed to have accepted the written terms of use here.
  • • iii. If you think that you cannot fulfill the obligations foreseen by the Terms of Use and privacy provisions, or if you do not meet the age requirement for a valid consent or if you are legally restricted, do not use this site and its services.
  • • iv. Special additional terms and conditions may apply to the use of some services or interactions established with these services on the site.
2. Monitoring/Modification of Usage Conditions :

Admediaspace continuously renews and updates the site to provide the best possible service to users (the term "User" is used as a general term to denote anyone entering the site, including membership).

  • • i. Due to innovations and updates, changes can occur in the services offered.
  • • ii. Admediaspace reserves the right to change the site services, terms of use, or to introduce new/additional services and conditions at any time without prior notice. Changes required for all terms of use will be presented on the site. Use of the site following such changes will be deemed acceptance of the changes.
3. Benefiting from Content and Services :
  • • i. The use of services provided on the site is subject to the conditions written here and the permissions and limitations foreseen by legislation.
  • • ii. The content provided on the site; logos, brands, promotional materials, data files, written texts, information, news, opinions, advice, advertisements, announcements, audio, music, videos, photographs, visuals, and similar content ("Service Content") may be published by Admediaspace or provided by other sources.
  • • iii. Admediaspace does not guarantee the accuracy and reliability of information, communication, commercial electronic messages, or other websites that are linked to or provided information by other websites or linked sites, and does not assume any legal responsibility.
  • • iv. Information pertaining to third parties on the site and quotations are for promotional purposes. Admediaspace and/or the owners of this content reserve the right to change the content and service conditions without notice.
  • • v. Unless otherwise envisaged by Admediaspace, users do not have the right to use the site pages, services, or Service Content for selling products or services, commercial advertising, making announcements, or similar commercial endeavors.
  • • vi. Admediaspace has the right to determine the Site and Service Content as it sees fit and can offer the site and services along with advertising and promotions. Advertisements and promotions do not necessarily have to be directly related to the Site and Services. Admediaspace may change the practices and rates related to advertisements at any time and without notice.
  • • vii. Users benefiting from the service content and services assume the risk associated with the content obtained through this site or services. Admediaspace does not assume any responsibility or guarantee obligation for services and products provided by third parties. Admediaspace has no warranty obligations for services or products to be purchased; the sole recourse for the user in this regard is the service provider or manufacturer.
  • • viii. Without obligation, Admediaspace reserves the right to pre-screen, review, highlight content, modify, reject completely or partially from the scope, remove from publication, or block access to service content that is believed to impose any damage or burden on other members or users.
4. Responsibility for the Use of the Site and Content :
  • • i. By accepting the terms of use, you accept responsibility for all transactions made while benefiting from the Site in any way. The user has the right to take or not take action based on the Service Content found on the Site or any communication to be carried out through the Site. The legal consequences of such decisions are the responsibility of the User connected to the Site. Unless legally required, Admediaspace does not assume any responsibility in this regard.
  • • ii. Admediaspace cannot be held responsible for any material, moral, legal, or financial consequences that may arise from the use of the content and services provided through the Site, including misuse, illegal activities, or unauthorized use, nor for indirect damages such as loss of profits. Consumer rights are reserved.
5. No Warranty :
  • • i. This Site and Services are offered to Users as is, and to the fullest extent permitted by law, do not contain any specific or general guarantees, whether written or oral.
  • • ii. Admediaspace does not guarantee that the functions and Services on this Site are secure and error-free, that defects will be corrected, or that this Site or the servers that make the Site available are free of viruses or other harmful components.
  • • iii. Admediaspace does not explicitly or implicitly promise that the Site and the provided Services will meet all expectations, purposes, and specific needs, or that they will be uninterrupted and of sufficient quality. Admediaspace does not assume any responsibility for direct, consequential, or indirect damages arising from the use of the Site, Services, or Service Content.
  • • iv. The User/Member must sign (or approve) the relevant sales contract (online license agreement) before purchasing any product/service through the Site. All terms and conditions related to the sales transaction are regulated in the relevant contract, and apart from the provisions foreseen by the relevant legislation, Admediaspace does not assume any further responsibility or provide a guarantee.
  • • v. Admediaspace reserves the right to subject the Services to certain additional conditions without prior notice, to generally terminate the site publication, to close it, to partially or completely change all content, Services, visual design, and other elements on the site, to disable them or to make them chargeable.
6. Sublinks and Hyperlinks :

This site may contain sublinks and hyperlinks operated by third parties which are not owned or controlled by Admediaspace. Admediaspace does not guarantee or commit to the content, appropriateness, security, privacy policies, or the continuous communication of these linked sites. Admediaspace cannot be held responsible for personal information provided to these sites, content and services utilized from these sites, and the privacy policies and practices of these sites. The same disclaimer applies to any site links and information provided by Users.

7. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights :
  • • i. The intellectual and industrial property rights of the Site belong to Admediaspace.
  • • ii. Unless otherwise stated, the intellectual and industrial property/copyright rights or licensing rights of the commercial logos, brands, domain names, and other elements on the Site belong to Admediaspace. Unless specifically stated, these written conditions do not grant Users the right to use or dispose of these elements.
  • • iii. Admediaspace grants a personal use-limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable license to use the site software for the purpose of benefiting from the Site and the Services offered. All intellectual and industrial property rights not specifically granted are reserved by Admediaspace, and the permission given does not include any other financial right or license.
  • • iv. The Site or any part thereof may not be copied (including the distribution of copies), reproduced, distributed, published, loaned, or altered in any way (such as printing, saving to disk, placing on another site, downloading in any other manner). It is prohibited to use or reproduce Admediaspace's Site elements or forms for the purpose of copying or reproduction.
  • • v. The intellectual property rights of the names, logos, brands, and other materials belonging to third parties provided as part of the Services on the Site belong to the content providers/right holders.
  • • vi. It is accepted that any user/service content sent, transmitted, used, created, or communicated to third parties through this site loses its confidentiality and does not contain any intellectual or industrial rights/copyrights/licenses. When Users add content that they believe to be secret or to have intellectual and industrial property rights, it is accepted that the content does not contain any "legal defect" and they have the right to publish it digitally. Otherwise, all responsibility lies with the User/Service Provider.
  • • vii. The User agrees and undertakes not to collect any data from the Website, nor to access the Website's database.
8. Prohibition of Interference :

It is forbidden to violate or attempt to violate the security of the Site and Services. Those who attempt such violations may be subject to criminal proceedings and public prosecution. Individuals committing the violation may be held financially, legally, and criminally responsible according to the laws, against the aggrieved party and/or Admediaspace.

9. Violation of Terms of Use :

Admediaspace reserves the right to reject information present in the system, remove content, delete, and suspend or terminate access to the Site and Services without prior notice, whether or not the violation of "Terms of Use", "Privacy and Security Conditions", "Sales Contract" has been fully realized. This also applies in the case of indirect violations or attempts of violation by a third party on behalf of the User. The failure of Admediaspace to exercise or enforce any legal right or remedy hereunder shall not constitute a waiver of such rights or acceptance of the violation.

10. Intellectual Property Infringement Notification :

Users encountering an intellectual or industrial property infringement can fill out the intellectual property infringement notification form found on the site and send it to Admediaspace's information and communication addresses.

11. Termination :

The User may terminate the use of the Site and Services and their Membership at any time, without any restriction and without notice, unless regulated in a separate Agreement or content within the Site. If provided for on the Site, steps related to the termination of membership must be followed. Admediaspace may also cancel membership, block or terminate use without any notice for the following reasons:

  • (i) if the User violates the conditions or policies written here or determined by Admediaspace,
  • (ii) if the User does not have the right to use due to legal restrictions,
  • (iii) if Admediaspace's commercial relationship with the content and service providers related to the Services used by the User ends and the Services and services are terminated,
  • (iv) according to the decisions of Legislation or Regulatory Authorities,
  • (v) if access to the Site is no longer possible due to legal regulations or force majeure,
  • (vi) if Admediaspace decides to suspend publication of the Site, discontinue, or end for similar reasons at its discretion.
12. Transfer :

Admediaspace may transfer this agreement, in whole or in part, at any time without prior notice.

13. Applicable Laws :

In the event of disputes arising from the use of the Site, the laws of the United Kingdom shall apply.